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Final Results from Monroe County Primary Race


 About 3,100 people in Monroe County cast their votes in this years Primary Election, representing the Democratic Party, Republican Party and nonpartisan. There was plenty on the ballot to motivate residents to vote, including the Monroe Fire Levy.

Donald Evans is the Monroe County Clerk and he's kept track of the primary results. 

"We had a 45 percent turnout which is normal during an off year election," Evans said. "We had some contested races on the ballot such as County Commission, Sheriff and a Fire Levy."

The Fire Levy required 60 percent of voters to favor it in order to pass, but it came up short in votes. The Levy would have helped the Fire Department with more equipment and volunteer training. 

President of the County Commission Shane Ashley was previously elected for two terms and is up for reelection. He ran against Democrat Jackie Kaluk, a farmer who voiced concerns about bringing more jobs and revenue to the County. Ashley won the Democratic nomination by only 35 votes and will campaign against Kevin Mann in the November general elections. 

The Sheriffs Race was the talk of the County, with 4 Democrats running in the Primary, including  Robert Parker, Kenneth Hedrick, Richard Miller and David Teubert. Kenneth Hedrick was appointed to the Sheriffs position in September after the former Sheriff Sean Crosier resigned. This was Hedricks' first time running in a Primary and he won with 836 votes. 

"I feel ecstatic," Kenneth said. "This has been a new experience for me. I've never run for office. I didn't quite know what to expect and I'm pleased with the outcome."

If he wins the general election against Republican Elmer Galford, Ken wants to continue making progress in the Sheriffs Department. 

"There are things here now that weren't available before. In the past, there were no cameras or fingerprint kits. There were no digital recorders but all that's been rectified. The equipment's been brought up to our standards. I hope this will continue."

Monroe County Board of Education also elected 4 new board members, including Keith Wickline, Everett Fraley, Candy Sabol and Sally Wallace.

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