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Gas prices creeping upward across nation, Two Virginias


Gas prices have slowly but surely been rising throughout the country. AAA reports average gas prices have risen to $2.81, their highest price since 2014. Across the country, 16% of gas stations are selling gasoline over $3.00. 

Across the Two Virginias, WVVA canvassed some gas stations around the area. Most gas stations we noticed had prices lower than $2.60. 

One gas station we talked noted that their gas price projections remained high, and expected gas prices to rise even more in the coming weeks. Nationally, the turmoil from United States withdrawing from the Iran Nuclear Deal may also nudge gas prices upward. 

WVVA talked to Roller Floral Company, who told us 99% of their business is delivery. They told us that they would have to "absorb" any rises in gasoline prices, cutting into their bottom line. However, they also noted it would take a substantial shift upward in prices, to the $3.50 mark, to affect delivery prices. 

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