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Students experience Kentucky Derby in WV


Oakvale Elementary School in Princeton, WV hosted Derby Day today in honor of the Kentucky Derby this weekend.

LaCosta Hodges, the principal, said they organized the event to teach students about the history of the Kentucky Derby, and give students a taste of events that happen outside of the state.

The morning began with a "Run for the Roses" math relay-race where students ran across the gym atop a stick horse, answered a math question, then ran back to their team to pass on the horse. Winners of the race were awarded with their very own blue ribbon.

Other events included a school-wide scavenger hunt, a best-in-show derby attire trophy, mint lemonade, and a real, live horse.

After experiencing all the fun, Landon Lester, a fourth grader at Oakvale said, "I would love to see the horses run and I would love to do some of the traditions from the Kentucky Derby".

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