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Updates about road damage in Bramwell


Randall Epperson owns a home on Windmill Gap Road and he struggled to drive his car up the hill. His neighborhood shares the main road with ATV's that commute on the road, making the drive harder for residents in the area.  After sharing his story about his commute, Randall has seen major changes on the road. 

"Since this story was broadcast over the air, they fixed the road," Randall said. "The next morning, the Department of Transportation was on the upper part working on it. Hatfield & McCoy fixed the road area here too."

Randall's wife, Cathy, was concerned about the safety of her family.

"I have a five year old little girl," Cathy said. "She goes to school and I had to move her off this area because of the road conditions."

Cathy feels better after seeing what Hatfield &McCoy have done to fix the damages. 

"I like it," she says. "Keep it up."

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