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Bluefield State basketball player shoots for the stars


Robert Brown's journey has been anything but easy. 

Just three years ago, he was living on the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina. 

"Personally, I was just going through some things, and when it happened you kind of burned bridges you don't need to. So then I ended up on my own, living homeless, and having nowhere to really go," Robert said.

But Robert didn't let his unfortunate situation defeat him. Instead, he focused on pursuing his two dreams: playing basketball and creating a clothing line. 

"It wasn't like I was all down and out and holding a sign up and things of that nature. I would always go to the gym, and then one day a coach saw me and I guess he saw my potential, and he brought me in," he said. 

Once Robert got back up on his feet, he decided to enroll at Bluefield State College. Not long after, the school's head basketball coach, Derrick Price, gave him a chance to play the sport he loved. 

"Phenomenal on and off the court. It was a blessing for our program to add a kid like Rob Brown, that came in here with a vision and a goal, it's just wonderful. When he got in a had a try-out, his number one goal was to come in here and get a scholarship, so he's been a great blessing for our program," Price said.  

Once Robert got back on the hardwood, everything else started falling into place, including his clothing line, Loot Swaay. 

"It's called street wear. So pretty much I make hats, sweatsuits, t-shirts, I'm working on socks right now and fanny packs," Robert said.

Robert is driven by his will to succeed both on and off the court, and that's because he's got people looking up to him. 

"I understand that every decision that I make, it affects somebody else. I've got a son now. He's about to be one (year old) on May 7. I already had the motivation before, but when he was born, everything just kind of opened up for me in terms of "now". Like, before I could be a little patient, but now that ambition has kicked into overdrive. It's the fact that I know he's dependent on me and other people are looked to me to succeed or to fail.. it motivates me," he said. 

Robert's goals are ambitious, but simple. 

"I just want to be great by any means." 

To purchase some of Robert's products, you can go to

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