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Upon meeting Jamez Keith one could say he's a mild mannered man of few words.

His words come out loud and in tune usually with an ensemble band.

"When I tried out for band..the band teacher that started me off said [the trumpet] would be the best instrument for me. I like that it can change the mood and your feelings and stuff

The sixteen year old make a wish teen recently battled lymphoma a and it wasn't just his family that pulled him through the ordeal to become cancer free. It was his school family too.

"I knew that we were struggling,” said Jamez, “so I wanted to use it to help us get new instruments.”

Earlier this year the Montcalm sophomore asked the make a wish organization for a gift not for himself but for one that will benefit students for years to come.

"I had problems with the keys sticking in stuff and the old one the mouthpiece would get stuck and I'd have to get the teacher to get it out."

WVVA was there when his school was presented with the instruments.

“These instruments will serve us for 25 years easy,” said band instructor, Robert Tibbs.

“He wakes up in the morning playing his trumpet,” said Latish Keith, “he wakes the neighbor up with it..it's very important..i'm proud of him I couldn't ask for a better child.”

For those kids who are thinking of following in Jamez's footsteps but are hesitant he has this piece of advice, “there's nothing to be afraid of.”

It is that encouraging spirit and selflessness that makes Jamez Keith a Hometown Hero.

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