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HOMETOWN HERO: Jennifer Richmond & The NOAH Organization


On a vast farm in Greenbrier county you'll find all the animals you'd expect to see and inside a home full of love, but also on this farm is the son of Jennifer Richmond. He's in land, in the walls in the playroom down to a little teddy bear.

“Going home and sitting in an empty nursery through the whole night was getting too much. I was mad at God and so I told him that everyday and I said you got to do something, I said if I'm feeling this way there's got to be a lot of people feeling this way,” said Richmond.

The spirit of Noah and encouragement from others who went through similar situations of miscarriage and stillborn children is what inspired her to start her organization

“I sunk into a very dark place I had no support and I was very depressed and I thought if I don't do something son I won't have a purpose to live. I felt empty without Noah,” said Richmond.

Richmond says the general perception in most people's eyes is not to bring up the subject of the loss but she says many parents who have experienced this situation are looking for somebody to discuss the loss.

There were two somebody's for Jennifer was Heather Thompson and Nadine Hambrick

“I felt so alone. I had my family but no body knew the loss,” said Thompson

“Mine was considered a miscarriage. They're still babies to us. I think what helped with these boxes is what was not offered to us that we wish we would have had,” said Hambrick.

Those boxes Hambrick is referring to are the center of Richmond's organization, Now Our Angels in Heaven also known as NOAH.

They pack boxes and send them to hospitals to give to families who experience miscarriages or still births.

It's those boxes, it's grasping on to what memories can be made before the children are laid to rest and it's making sure that the world knows these children existed that is saving lives.

“The mail man might knock on the door as mom's getting ready to kill herself and that might be the hope she has,” said Richmond

That hope all came from Jennifer's son. He now lie in rest a short walk from his family home.

However, he's very much alive, living through his mother, through the boxes packed with each family in mind, through the bonds created.

"We all understand each other” said Hambrick. “You could talk about anything.

There's a difference in knowing i can know someone has grief but it's a completely different feeling when you can understand.”

An understanding that Noah and all NOAHs are in the land, in the walls, in the playroom, down to their own little teddy bear and making a difference.

It is why Jennifer Richmond, the ladies of Now Our Angels in Heaven and Jennifer's son are Hometown Heroes

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