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They are the ones who serve and protect our country overseas, for Navy man David Bailey serving is in his blood.

"I'm the black sheep of the family I went with the Navy,” said David Bailey, “my uncles all of them was either 100 and first airborne.”

Overseas during the Vietnam era his welcome home was anything but a welcome.

“When I got out on the service I was dumped out on the side of the road,” said Bailey.

“At that time you got spat on, you got stuff thrown at you. I was [thrown] out, it was raining, I had hurt my back, I was walking with two canes and dragging sea bag and I carried myself all the way to where Andy Carts is now which is about 8 miles give or take a rock throw.”

Years later and his love of country and the brotherhood that service instilled is still stronger than the disrespect felt.

Bailey and a team of eight veterans began providing guard services about three years ago.

Now that team of 8 has grown to 29 who performed 101 of these services in 2017.

"When we do a service it isn't [just] we fire a riffle, blow taps, fold the flag and hit the road,” said Bailey.

“We give a eulogy, we explain was taps is about, what the flag is about, we explain what a veteran is, we have our own service and that gives the family something to remember cherish.”

It's those tributes he and his military brothers and sisters perform for those brothers and sisters who have gone on that make them hometown hero

"If you give that oath that you're going to protect this country from all enemies foreign and domestic that creates brotherhood right there."

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