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HOMETOWN HERO: The Women of the Veterans' Day Dinner & Show

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At one high school in Wyoming County teachers aren't just teaching the next generation of leaders there teachers and volunteers who are molding minds to appreciate those who serve.

Tali Cline has done many things at Westside High from coaching basketball, baseball, volleyball and teaching hula lessons, but her pride and joy is the dinner and show put on for veterans on Veterans Day.

“When we started this we didn't know that no one honored [the veterans],” said Cline, the organizer of the dinner.

“If you talk to the veterans they look forward to the little ones coming up and servicing them,” she said.

“Our tiny ones bring you the condiments the next group up is coffee, the next group up is plates and stuff. They don't have to get up from their chairs. They look forward to those kids. There are so many thank you's they look forward to those kids but those kids look forward to honoring them.”

Tali says she couldn't celebrate our military men with out help from a team of women.

Helen Belcher keeps the finances for they event in line.

“I feel like they need to be thanked,” said Belcher. “They're giving up their lives they may come back in one piece they may comeback in pieces a simple thank you is all they ask.”

The ladies say it takes 365 to raise the funds for the event from bake sales and support from area businesses.

“Don't only let it be in Wyoming county that we show respect for others don't let it be only on veterans day they deserve our gratitude 365 days a year,” said assistant Alisha Brown

They're all quick to point out it's not about them. It's about instilling that love for our service men and women in children

“You can just turn around and see these kids waiting on these veterans and it just warms your heart from the inside out,” said Marilyn Toler.

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