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All the "swag" the Better Living Show has to offer


There are certainly a lot of things you can buy at the better living show..but today Ross Harris was there and walked around to see what he could get for's called "swag."

I am at the Brushfork Armory right now where the better living show is going on and I am on a quest to find SWAG- stuff we give out, I'm about to show some of the stuff I found so sit back, maybe grab some popcorn, and relax.

Vendors gave out all sorts of cool things- candy, pens, flash drives, coupons, promotions, free estimates, free evaluations, but for some, that wasn't enough.

"Today, the bluejays are offering a chance to win 10 tickets to any regular season home games for the 2018 season, those tickets have a value of 60 dollars," said Rocky.

That sounds like a real home run! Other giveaways were more artistic..

"Its a $60 value, its an owl, made out of McDowell Co. Coal."

So if you give a hoot, please come down to the the Better Living Show in the armory.

Some giveaways weren't of the material kind..I'm with a few newly crowned Junior Rangers from Twin Falls State Park, guys, how does it feel?

"Good," What do you want to do now that you're at Junior Ranger status? "I don't know."

Giveaways and swag are cool, but the best thing about the Better Living Show was seeing the full breadth of local business and attractions the Two Virginia's has to offer.

So if you like local businesses, please take a spin to Mercer Co. to the Brushfork Armory where at the better living show, you can find plenty of them.

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