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Magee powering Bluefield College in the right direction


A new face in a new program should mean a transition period,but not in the case of Bluefield College outfielder Josh Magee. "I'm a military brat, so moving is nothing new for me. It was one of those things, you just pack up and go," Magee said. "Him being a new guy, he bought into it immediately and has thrived in it and we're just excited to have him," head coach Mike White said.

With plenty of baseball experience already under his belt,White says bringing in Magee was a no-brainer.  "He's getting some professional looks and just needed an opportunity to be an everyday guy and it was something where we had a situation and it just kind of fit at the time," White said.

Being with the program for just a short period of time,Magee says he has been welcomed in with open arms. "Right off the bat, it was he's one of us now. They didn't act like I was new guy or anything, it was just always I had always been around almost," Magee said.

Leading the team in home runs and RBI's this year, Magee takes a simple approach to the game."Just having fun man. That's the biggest thing is for the longest time, I just put so much pressure on myself and when you try to do to much in this game, this game will beat you. People always forget, it's a game. It's a kid's game and we get to play a lot longer than most people do, so you just have to enjoy it and have fun," Magee said. 

As a senior, Magee hopes a chance in the pros is in his future but for now he just wants to lead the Rams on a long trip in the postseason. "If nothing happens after my senior year, at least I could sit back and say, I had a senior year that I got to enjoy and play. I always told dad. All I've wanted to do my entire life, was to play baseball. I wanted to be a professional baseball player my whole life and if it happens, then that's the plan, if not, then God's got other plans for me," Magee said.

The Rams are back on the diamond Friday against Tennessee Wesleyan. 

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