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Williams catching notice from many at Concord


For fifth year senior catcher Paul Williams life at Concord wasn't always a home run. "First couple months here at school, it was a little rough freshman year, but definitely i could see myself being here five years. I mean the culture that we have here at concord is unmatchable," Williams said. 

Being one of the elder statesmen of the club,guiding the group is a role that Williams happily accepts. "I mean I try to be the best I can. That's why a lot of the guys look up to me because I've been here for so long and I want that responsibility," Williams said. 

His  head coach Kevin Garrett says that Williams is a player and person that doesn't come along very often. 

"He's been through a lot of changes over the last couple years, but you know he's always shown the characteristics of a good quality captain. You know that's why he's been our captain for the last three years. He leads the team by example, but when he needs to say something, he's willing to step up and do that as well,"Garrett said.

The Virginia native is the leader in a number of different categories for the Mountain Lions, but as Garrett points out, he's not one to take all of the credit.

"That's our quarterback out there. You know everything goes through our catcher. He's not going to take a compliment and just put it on himself. He's going to spread it out through the team and Paul has always been that way," Garrett said.

As most players are aiming for a life in the pros after college,Williams has a different set of dreams in mind.

"Since I've been young, it's been baseball and my next dream is to be a police officer in the state of Virginia. I want to play professional baseball, but i just feel like it's not in my cards. If it happens, it happens, but state police is where I really want to go right now," Williams said.

ms: and at the end of the day.. All that matters to Williams just sending concord out as a winner. 

"I just want to win. Win it for the guys and that's all I care about. Graduating, and then end of the fall next year, i want to come back and celebrate with them for when we get that ring."

Williams is batting .352 with 25 hits and 16 RBI's in 20 games for the Mountain Lions this season. 

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