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WVDOT clears snowy West Virginia roads


With the continuation of winter weather, the West Virginia Department of Transportation (WVDOT) remains dedicated to keeping road conditions as safe as possible. 

"Our responsibilities are to monitor weather conditions and then react appropriately," said Jimmy Owens, the Mercer County Supervisor. 

However, 'reacting appropriately' is never an exact science, and most of the time, it requires a lot of work from WVDOT employees.. 

"The main thing is keeping our speed at a safe speed. And constantly watching for cars pulling out of driveways or people walking or even cats and dogs. The main thing is trying to keep the lanes open and once that's done we work on our seconds and thirds," said Dustin Williams, a TW2 equipment operator.  

In addition to plowing snowy roads... employees at WVDOT say that laying down a mixture of stone and salt is just as important as anything.

"The stone provides a means for more traction and the salt provides a catalyst to melt the material," Owens said.

While WVDOT workers are dedicated to keeping roads safe, there's one aspect of their jobs that can make things tough at times...

"The long hours probably, you know under the wheel and plowing the snow when its really falling down," said Marty Taylor, a TW2 crafts worker. 

"Right now with the inclement weather that we have, we're staffing 24 hours a day, basically 7 days a week as needed," Owens said. 

For as long as winter conditions are around, workers at WVDOT will be out with their trucks treating the roads. 

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