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Rainelle weathers snow


Citizens in Rainelle said about 6 inches of snow fell over the past few days. 

The maintenance department is now working an around the clock job -- snow removal. 

"We try to get it and treat it. We don't let it get ahead of us," said Bobby Burton, Rainelle's maintenance supervisor. 

Burton is in charge of keeping Rainelle city streets accessible after one of their largest snowfalls this winter.  

"This last snow was wet and heavy. It normally takes us two trucks, one end of town to the other, all the streets about two and a half to three hours, and this time, by the time we were done, we had to start right back over because it was making travel conditions just treacherous," said Burton. 

The mayor says the city keeps going because of a joint effort between the police and maintenance departments who keep the roads clean and citizens out and about, despite the temperatures.

"It seems like we get more snow or occasionally a little bit more rain, but it's all good. We've dealt with it for years. We know how to deal with it. I call it my little Alaska," said Mayor Andy.

Terri Bowen, who owns Redstar Home Supply, where many come to pick up supplies and salt and heaters, says it is because of the historic flooding in June of 2016. 

Locals have experience with harsh weather and are not getting cold feet when it comes to preparing. 

"Here in the western side of Greenbrier County, we get a little more of the vicious weather up in this area. Folks are just use to it. They know what they need ahead of time," said Bowen.

Weathering tough times together is drawing the community a little bit closer. 

"We don't think about just plowing snow, we think about looking out for our fellow man, " said Burton.

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