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Cold weather, lack of pay doesn't deter Frontier strikers


Today marks day 10 of the Frontier strike. 1,400 members of the Communications Workers of America have been on strike throughout the two Virginias.

An anonymous Frontier employee shot this cell phone video of a conversation with a contracted worker near Point Pleasant. The contractor said, "I mean, the sad thing is, we're getting paid, whether this work gets done or not." To which the striking Frontier employee replied, "It ain't sad. It ain't sad a bit! It's funny to watch y'all walk around lost!" The contractor then added, "But hey, the money they're paying me... I'll drive around all day long"
For employees on strike, they have a nickname for the contracted workers Frontier has brought in. CWA local 2276 president Johnny Bailey says, "Scabs! They're non-union workers that they bring in. Most of these workers are from out of state. The company is paying them outrageous rates. Anywhere from $90 an hour, to $125 an hour, to come in and take our jobs."
Employee Elisha Edgell says she's not worried about losing her job for striking. "People they're bringing in here... they don't know these areas. They don't know the needs. They don't understand the systems that we work in."
Workers feel so strongly about their stance, Edgell says the lack of income isn't a concern... for now. "We do not get paid from the company, while we're on this strike. We don't get any compensation for this whatsoever. After we're out for 15 days, our union will actually begin to pay us."

We reached out to Frontier for comment, and they issued this statement. "Our objective in these negotiations has been, and continues to be, to preserve good jobs with competitive wages and excellent benefits... At this particular juncture, (WE ARE) electing not to comment further."

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