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Camping in the snow at Pipestem Resort State Park


It is a world of white at Pipestem Resort State Park, but campers there are finding ways to stay warm and fit in a cold-weather vacation.

"If you look at our overlooks, the views are spectacular in the summer, fall and also in the winter. Especially, right now with all the snow on the trees, it's like a winter wonderland," said Nathan Hanshaw, assistant superintendent at Pipestem Resort State Park. 

Hanshaw says in the winter, prices are often reduced by half. 

For RV camper, Steve Cannon, it is all about the preparation. 

"Bring a lot of long underwear," said Cannon. "You've got to be prepared. You sure do."

He and his wife traveled from Louisiana. 

"Before we actually left we bought a wood burning stove that fits in the RV. That's how we've been handling it," said Cannon.
Cold weather campers have to get creative. Park rangers said they need to plan far in advance, check the weather constantly, bring the right gear, and readjust their activities. For one, they won't be picnicking outside.

"You can ski on the golf course, a great place to do that... at the lake, we'll be stocking it with trout." 

The park transforms into a frosty entertainment center outside on the trails and inside cabins. 

"If you're a first-time camper, I'd probably advise you to probably pick a cabin. All you have to do is bring your food," said Hanshaw.  

But Cannon says even first-timers can make it outdoors.

"Oh, anybody can do this. You just have to get prepared. People even do it in Colorado, so if you can do it, Colorado, you can do it in West Virginia," said Cannon.

There is another "camping" option at Pipestem -- one of their lodges with saunas, indoor pools, and gift shops. 

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