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Tips to protect your plants from winter weather


With winter weather moving in, some folks are now wondering what to do with their outdoor plants.

Several weeks ago, we got an early taste of Spring. With highs near 70 degrees, Margie Akers says, hope was high for gardeners. "Many people asked about plants, especially pansies. A lot of people came in and asked for them. But a little bit too early."
Several inches of snow could fall Sunday night into Monday. But so Akers says, the snow isn't the worry. "The snow is good for them. It insulates. As long as your plant is wet, it insulates the roots. It's the frost that nips and burns it. So that's real important... not to let the frost on it."
If you want your all stars to think you're an allstar, Margie Akers says the best thing you can do, is get a frost cloth. "You need to out some kind of cloth, not plastic. And old sheet, frost cloth, something like that on it. Not plastic at all, because the plastic will burn it. Get it off in the morning. When the sun starts shining, and it gets up to 35, get the cover off. Because the plants could still burn it if it gets up to 40-something, if you've got that frost cloth on there."

If you have already planted flowers or crops, Akers encourages you to keep them in the ground. 

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