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Final resting place in Beckley in need of care


For several families who have loved ones buried there, a final resting place in Beckley is becoming a source of pain and frustration.

"First thing that we noticed was that the number one was loose. I can move it with my finger. They used what appears to be a hot glue gun," said Kathleen Griffith-Edwards. 

Griffith-Edwards laid her sister to rest in a mausoleum at Sunset Memorial Park eight years ago on March 10th. 

She says those years have been far from peaceful.

"There were dead bugs all over the floor. What they did sweep up was put in the corners," said Griffith-Edwards. 

Her mom brings her own cleaning supplies.

"I sweep this whole place. I bring a broom and a dust pan. And I clean," said Nancy Hambrick, the mother of Griffith-Edwards. 

"I mean the ceiling is falling on the floor. Last time we were here, a huge rubber maid container to catch water," said Griffith-Edwards. 

Griffith-Edwards says buckets have been collecting rusty rain water and water stains have been on the carpet for about two years, but when they made a complaint and posted about it on social media, the mausoleum doors were temporarily locked shut.

"It's taken off on social media and we've been able to get the community rallied behind it," said Michael White.

White, whose grandmother is interred here, says the reason she was placed in the mausoleum was because she specifically requested to be laid to rest out of the elements.

While the problem continues to leak into their lives, he said they're making their voices heard for those who cannot.

"I know for Emma, she didn't like this when she was alive, and I don't want her to be here in this," said Hambrick.

Just before we went on air, a spokesperson from Sunset Memorial Park responded to our calls.

He said, "the cemetery has launched an internal investigation and will work closely with the families involved." 

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