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Local families dealing with the impact from the walkout


Schools in Mercer County will be open tomorrow, but many local families are still dealing with the impact from the walkout. 
"We're in an area that's very financially strapped. Most people here are one pay check away from a lot of problems.As far as being able to provide for their family," said Kourtney Neal, executive director of the Wade Center.
The Wade Center provides free childcare for parents in need. 

"One of them just came in today, and they were just so thankful that we were open," said Jessica McDaniel, Program Coordinator at the Wade Center. 

On Tuesday, March 6, the Wade Center kept doors open from breakfast to dinner.

"When parents have to look at their food budget for the month, if they expect children to eat somewhere else, it makes it very difficult for children," said Neal.  

Parents who are attending college, like many non-traditional students at Bluefield State, are now dealing with their own missed classes, when they weren't able to find childcare.

"The work stoppage has affected several of our students with respect to finding care for their child while they're out and being able to attend classes themselves," said Kimberly Gross, the communications director at Bluefield State College. (Please note correct name.) 

 Even with schools back in session, parents still have concerns  about where money for daycare bills is going to come from and when the school days will be made up.

"I've been hyping up summer vacation this whole year, like summer time we go camping, now I'm worried they may not get it, the whole summer vacation. Instructional time's important but so is summer vacation, you learn a lot of life lessons, nature, that kind of thing, on summer vacation. That doesn't need [to be] robbed from them," said Josh Barnett, a local father of three children. 

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