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Coaches, student athletes hopeful for walkout end


As the educational work stoppage continues with no immediate end in sight, schools and coaches in the area are moving forward with the start of Spring sports. But how exactly is the walkout affecting coaches and student-athletes?

Josh Wilburn has been a coach of the Princeton High School baseball team since 2010. But he also teaches Health and Phys-Ed, normally. Despite the walkout, Wilburn says he and others are getting paid for their coaching. "We are on a separate contract for coaching. I'm a teacher, so it's kind of tough to know (the future). But we said, 'You know what? Athletics needs to go on.' We don't want to punish the kids. So I don't do anything during the day. Everything's after 3:30 pm."
Ethan Webb is a senior at Princeton High. When the walkout first started, he and his friends enjoyed it, at first. "Yeah, three days out of school. Just sitting at home, playing Xbox, whatever."
With the walkout approaching a ninth day, it's starting to threaten some early-season games. "Yeah, we just want to go back to school, so we can hurry up and start the season. We've been out here working. Can't do nothing, really. Hopefully we can play Wednesday, if we go back." 
But baseball isn't the only spring sport stuck in limbo. Princeton's tennis team is also caught in practice-mode purgatory. Junior Camryn Cox hopes the season can begin soon, but realizes there are some things more important than sports. "Everyone's kind of worried about the teachers right now, and what they're going to get. Not the sports and the kids."

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