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Local gun stores owners react to Walmart's age change


Three of the nation's leading gun sellers, Walmart, L.L. Bean, and Dick's Sporting Goods just raised the minimum age for buying guns from 18 to 21 years old. 

 "I've been shooting since I was three or four years old. And thanks to mom and dad, they put a gun in my hand. They taught me how to shoot safely and so I have been safely shooting since then." 

Jacob Dove is turning twenty years old tomorrow, but today is the first day he can't buy a gun at three stores: Walmart, Dicks Sporting Goods, and L.L. Bean.

His dad Jerry Dove, who owns a local firearm store and teaches a concealed carry class, said he isn't expecting droves of 18-to-21-year-old customers to show up in his store. 

 "It's political correctness. It looks good in the newspaper. And I think the big box stores are looking at it as these are not items that are moving anyway," said Dove.

Yet some Walmart customers are praising the move.

 "At 21, you have some maturity instead of 18 years old. You can't stop the older guy but you can stop a lot of it,"said Robert Woods, a Walmart customer.

"I think we're headed in the right direction, raising the age limit to 21. But I think we need to put more emphasis on protecting the schools themselves. Because anybody can get a weapon," said Wayne Whittaker, a Walmart customer.

Dove says local gun stores might the be the safest place for young adults to get ammunition. 

"The guy that sells you a gun in Walmart, he might have been selling shoes yesterday or he might have been selling tires. Guns is what I do. I know them and I try to know my customers. I have the ultimate right to refuse a sale, and I have done that in the past. You're going to find most small shops are responsible. " 

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