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House collapses in Beckley


Some members of the Beckley community are waiting to have a giant mess cleaned up. The result of something everyone in the neighborhood had long predicted. On Feb. 17, some citizens of the Beckley community were awakened by an unexpected rumble. 

 The house located at 107 Mercer St. had collapsed, but according to neighbors, this has been a known disaster waiting to happen. 

 "From what we understood, about a year ago, the residents that were living here were told to move out due to the foundation moving. So, the house had been abandoned for about a year," said Greg Steinke, a Beckley resident.

 Since the collapse, some locals have made multiple attempts to get the mess cleaned up.

 "We called the code enforcement office about a week ago just to see if anything was transpiring, and they had mentioned that some bids had gone out to some construction individuals," said Greg Steinke. 

It's been nearly two weeks since the structure collapsed and neighbors have a growing concern for the safety of others who may just be passing by. 

  "Our main concern is that it's a safety hazard. it's sat here for almost two weeks and nobody has come to clean it up. and we have a local school nearby and students walking down the sidewalk and it could be a hazard to them as well," said Deana Steinke, a Beckley resident. 

 There were no injuries were reported from the collapse. 

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