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Many Mercer County teachers are skeptical of Governor's deal


"Last night was a mix of hope and frustration, all at the same time," said, Joey Riffe, a teacher and coach at Glenwood School.

Turmoil in the Charleston legislature was leaking into teachers' plans.

"I know there are a lot of people upset in the state. A lot of people not happy with what we achieved last night, so it's just a big question mark right now," said Allen Kade, the President of the Mercer County Education Association. 

Nearly all Mercer County teachers flooded the Capitol today, voicing their distrust of the Governor's announcement.

"All the educators are going to get a five percent raise in the first year, and everyone else is going to get a three percent raise across the board, first year," said Gov. Justice. 

Many teachers said Gov. Justice's call for a "cooling off period" or the state Superintendent's call for a day of preparation is not possible when there is not a confirmed deal on the table.

"It's turning into a day of confusion and let down, really," said Kade.

Kade remained local, trying to decipher the ebb and flow of information. At points, he heard the deal for a pay raise was off the table completely and the Governor appeared to be absent from the Capitol today. But nothing was written in stone  -- the main grievance of the day. 

"It's very scary, because it seems like national media's gone. Everybody thinks we're happy with the five percent raise, which isn't what we got into this for in the first place. It was for permanent funding for PEIA. And that's going to support us longer than any five percent pay raise will," said Riffe. 

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