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Teacher, service personnel walk-out to continue on Tuesday


CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WVVA) Teacher and service personnel representatives announced Monday their walk-out will continue on Tuesday. The announcement was made at a rally at the West Virginia Capitol in Charleston. 

While teachers and service personnel lined took to the picket lines of their towns on Monday, their solidarity could soon be put to the test. Over the last three days, the educators and personnel have not broken any laws by being out of school because all 55 counties made the decision to cancel school beforehand. B once county boards make the decision to call for a two-hour delay or regular schedule, action by the attorney general and circuit courts could soon follow.

"Technically speaking, the AG can't take recourse against them because they stopped school prior to the walk-out," said Robert Dunlap, a legal expert in Beckley. 

Right now, the missed days are simply being treated as snow days. But that  could all change after the West Virginia Board of Education meets on Tuesday night. 

According to Dunlap, once counties call for school "the attorney general could file suit on behalf of the superintendent or collective board of education. They would have to go the AG and ask to file an injunction."

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