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Two Mercer County residents found dead in home


Two people are found dead inside their Mercer County home this afternoon, at the Brushfork Mobile Home Park on Route 52. The Bluewell Fire Department and Mercer County Sheriff's Department responded to a call shortly after 12-noon. 

Upon arrival, first responders taped off the scene. Two residents, a male and a female, were found dead inside their home. Lieutenant Bob Burton of the Bluewell Volunteer Fire Department says there was no working electricity, and it appears the residents were trying to power their home using a generator. Though the official cause of death is still under investigation, he believes it's possible the two victims succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning. Corey Vest of the Princeton Fire Department explains why carbon monoxide can be so dangerous. "It's slightly lighter than air, but it mixes really evenly with the air in the home. It's undetectable. No smell, no taste, or anything like that."
Vest says to protect yourself and your family... being aware of the warning signs is key. "You're getting impaired. You have a headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, those symptoms." 
While many of these symptoms can be overlooked because they're similar to the flu and other illnesses, Vest says there is a way to tell the difference. "It's very important to get those CO detectors in your homes. A good place to put them is outside of every living quarters, and on every floor of the home."
Vest says many home improvement stores carry carbon monoxide detectors... which, once installed, can be a life saver.

Also called in... Mercer County Animal Control. The residents of the home also owned two pets, one of which, was found alive.

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