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Fulbright Scholar speaks to students about foreign cultures


Fulbright Scholars are known as some of the greatest minds in the world and students at Graham High School got to meet one today.

The Fulbright Program is an international educational exchange for students, teachers, scientists and artists. Valencia Angles says there are two reasons for having a Fulbright Scholar speak to students. "My goal is for the students to find out what a Fulbright Scholarship is, and perhaps pursue one themselves. And also to come to a greater understanding of people from other countries."
Peter Csanyi works as a professor for a college in Texas, but is from Slovakia originally. Csanyi has a total of four college degrees, which helped him become a scholar. While speaking to students, Csanyi pointed out there's more diversity in Europe than Americans might think. "'Yeah, okay Europe is nice.' They look at cities like London, Paris, Madrid, and Amsterdam as one. But they don't know... they don't have some of the information, because those are in Western Europe... not about Central or Eastern Europe. Central Europe, nowadays, is a real part of the European Union."
One of the gifted students in attendance was senior Sam Shoemaker. Sam says he definitely learned something new about Slovakia that he didn't know before. "He talked a lot about how their high schools are a lot better than ours, which was interesting. And how their studies are very specific... how they don't have as much choice as we do with our studies."

Csanyi will be speaking at Bluefield State College on Tuesday.

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