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Wholesale firewood issues this winter


The record-cold earlier this winter has meant good sales for the wholesale firewood business. However, the snow melt and recent rains have also made it difficult.

Bradshaw Firewood Company owner Dallas Bradshaw says he's had somewhat of a wood shortage, not in outright supply, but in quality. The rain and mud have made much of the recent product "green" wood, which according to Bradshaw, doesn't burn well. First, it has a high water content, so the fire has to burn off the moisture before it can even create much heat. Second, when the green wood burns, it creates a compound called creosote, which is toxic and tar-like. 

The creosote can also line the chimney plume and create a fire hazard if allowed to accumulate too much, but it shouldn't cause too many problems as long as home owners are aware of the issue. With more rain in the forecast, the wood situation isn't expected to improve greatly in the coming week. 

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