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Debate heats up over fortune telling in Richlands


The Richlands town hall was packed with hundreds of residents last night, as town council held a public hearing about a hot-button issue. Should a local business, called Mountain Magic, be allowed to do tarot card readings?

The hearing began by the mayor stating, "We will call the public hearing to order. Two minutes, and our attorney is going to be the time-keeper."

First to come ot the podium was an owner of Mountain Magic, Mike Mullins. "I'm not the first person to ever tell fortunes in town. There's always been people doing it. I'm just the first person wanting to do it legally, I guess..."
When given his turn, a local pastor said, "If we allow it to come in, then we allow evil to come inside. And when evil comes in, it will expand. It will take over. We've got to stand on this WORD here."
The owner of another local business said, "When visitors come in and ask for directions to their store, they also ask me, 'What's a good restaurant to go eat at?' Again, while they're here in our town, they're spending money at other businesses."
A second pastor spoke, and concluded his remarks with "And to all of us, righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is reproached to any member. Thank you." He got a huge applause from other church members in the audience.
Vicky Ward, who does not support fortune telling, says, "Tarot reading to me is wicked. It's not Biblical. It's against the Word of God. And I feel like it will bring havoc to people, that get involved with it."
Jerome Van Dyke, who also helps operate Mountain Magic, says, "But everyone who got up (who were) opposed against it, brought their Bible and quoted scriptures. It is NOT a religious debate. It is a business wanting to get something zoned."

After the hearing had completed, Mayor Jan White informed us a decision won't be announced until next month's council meeting.

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