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Bluefield State, New River CTC reach agreement


Two local colleges signed an agreement today, that could have a big impact on current and potential students.

New River Community and Technical College signed an agreement with Bluefield State College Monday afternoon. New River President Dr. Marshall Washington says it should make things easier for students with an associates degree to pursue a bachelor's. "They will know when they're taking a particular course, once they've been able to sit down and talk to an advisor, that those credits are transferable. So, you don't waste time, you don't waste money."
Bluefield State President Dr. Marsha Krotseng says it's a win for the schools, the students, and the state. "As we're able to transition students from two-year programs to four-year programs and get them into the workforce, it really helps increase our workforce in the state; as well as bringing new students new opportunities to the college."
We know the presidents of both colleges are happy about the agreement, but what do students think? Well, I ran into a couple of nursing students, who are both excited, and relieved. Damien Goldman is one of those nursing students. Goldman is now in the process of changing careers. "It actually makes things a lot easier. I had two or three classes that weren't going to be able to transfer over, so I was waiting to take those at Bluefield State. Now I can take them at New River."
Lakin Mitchem is not only a student, but a mother of two. This new agreement makes Mitchem ecstatic. "Oh, it's awesome, because, it just makes it so much easier! I was wondering if classes were able to go to Bluefield State, or if I had to take more classes there. So now that I know that everything I am taking... I can just go straight into the RN program."

Dr. Krotseng says the new agreement goes into affect immediately, that way New River students who graduate this year, can enroll at Bluefield State in the fall.

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