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Raleigh Co. Commission denies Mabscott annexation petition


A victory Tuesday night for those against the town of Mabscott's proposed annexation plans for a stretch of Route 16 between Beckley and Sophia.

The standing-room only crowd packed the Raleigh County courthouse to hear the county commission's final decision.

The Raleigh County Commission voted unanimously to deny the town's request.

"As far as taking just the road in, we felt the best interest to the citizens there, would be to deny the application," commission president Dave Tolliver said.

Around two dozen residents, the vast majority of them against annexation, spoke before the commission, citing concerns over what they believe would happen if that stretch of highway fell under the town's police jurisdiction.

And several residents at Tuesday's hearing laid out why they thought annexation would be bad for business, like Eric Shrewsbury who owns Computer Wiz in MacArthur.

"I think people would have avoided MacArthur and Crab Orchard and definitely had went around to access other parts of the county," Shrewsbury said.

"They weren't wanting to take any businesses in, all they want is to take the road in,” Tolliver said. “Now if some businesses down this route wanted to come in, now that would be a complete different ball game."

Tolliver tells WVVA News that the town of Mabscott can appeal the decision to the circuit court, which could lead to the supreme court having to step in to make a final ruling.


The Raleigh Co. Commission has denied the town of Mabscott its petition to annex a stretch of Route 16 near MacArthur and Old Eccles Rd.

Around 25 people spoke against possible annexation at Tuesday night's public hearing at the Raleigh County Courthouse.

The three commissioners voted unanimously to deny the petition, to the thunderous applause of the standing-room-only crowd.

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