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Disposing of opioids at home


    Opioid overdose deaths remain at record highs in West Virginia, and many of those abusing are finding pills from family members, in the trash, on tables or lying around. However, there is a new program to dispose of opioids at home.

    Heather Caristo is an excited mom-to-be.  Her husband James is a proud father.

    "Just when I thought my life was going to be taken away and I thought I was going to be a drug addict forever, that changed very quickly and now  I'm happily married and expecting a little girl," said James Caristo. 

    Heather and James once struggled with drug addiction, stealing pills from those they knew and loved.
    However, after graduating from the Christian-based rehab center called Appalachian Teen Challenge Program, their lives have turned around.
    Another tool they'd recommend to help with recovery?  Walmart's new opioid disposal solution, known as Dispose Rx. They say  it may help reduce the temptation to use old medications.

    "Graduates and staff at Appalachian teen challenge say dispose Rx could be a lifesaver," said Heather. 
    Dispose Rx is a packet of ingredients now offered for free at Walmart pharmacies.  When you empty into a pill bottle, and mix it with warm water, it deactivates any type of prescription drug into a gel. This allows patients to destroy and dispose leftover medications by placing them in the trash, and this eliminates the temptation of the pills being misused.

    Heather and James are now hoping convenient disposal will help others struggling with addiction. Now, they're also just looking forward to their baby's arrival as well.

    "Well I'm expecting and due Feb. 28th.and just waiting for that day to get here," said Heather.

    The packets will be given with all class two opioid prescriptions at Walmart Pharmacies and current patients can request a packet at any time.

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