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McDowell Ambulance Authority employee accused of sexual misconduct


Three women working for the McDowell County Ambulance Authority have filed charges against one of their coworkers. These women say their male coworker sexually assaulted them on the job. One of the women making the claim explains what went on during her weekend shift at the Ambulance Authority.

One of the victims, Vanessa... who asked that we protect her identity, says she has worked with the accused, Jimmy Ellis, since 2015. Vanessa says Ellis started making crude comments last Fall. Then, she says, the advances became physical. "It was every weekend. Every shift I worked. So, I mean, it was a constant thing, every time I went in."

She says Ellis assaulted her multiple times for several months. Then Vanessa says a co-worker spotted him assaulting her. "It was a relief for me. It was a big relief for me, that he realized I had been gone for too long. And he came looking for me, and... he intervened. So... I was really thankful." Then her EMT partner reported what he witnessed to Ambulance Authority supervisors. State Police then arrested Ellis. Ellis has been charged with one count of sex abuse in the first degree and three counts of battery.

Vanessa says all of this has emotionally drained her. "I just want to stay here in the house. I don't want to go out in public, I don't want to cross his path. I just don't... I'm safer here with both kids. I just don't want to go anywhere."
After his arrest, Jimmy Ellis was bonded out of jail. 

On Monday, we spoke with one of the Ambulance Authority's Board of Directors. They say that Ellis is currently suspended with pay.

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