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Lawmakers react to President's Republican retreat address


WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W.Va. (WVVA) President Donald Trump's visit to The Greenbrier, just two days after his State of the Union Address, had the potential for several pieces of new information. 

Some people were expecting more details from Tuesday's speech. Others were wondering if he would discuss the highly anticipated Republican FISA memo -- the House Select Intelligence report produced by Republicans that some claim said that the FBI and Justice Dept. abused their surveillance powers in investigating the president and his ties to Russia. 

The president instead hit on many of the same points he made during Tuesday's address, touting immigration and health care reform, and the tax cuts claims is "the biggest in America's history." 

In a press conference after the speech, Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan said intelligence officials are in the process of clearing the report for its release, redacting sections that could compromise national security. 

"We have to make sure this power is being used properly and judicially. If there are instances where there are individuals abusing that power, it's our job in Congress to bring transparency to the accountability of the process." 

West Virginia Rep. Evan Jenkins called for the report's release. 

"I have read the memo. I went to a secure area of the Capitol a week ago. I read it and immediately called for its release. It's in the hands of the President and he has the authorization to release it. The people need to see what is in this." 

Some national news outlets are reporting that administration officials are preparing for a Friday release of the report.


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