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Vice President Pence greeted by protesters at Greenbrier Valley Airport


While the crash of the AMTRAK train carrying Republican lawmakers was still being investigated near Charlottesville, Virginia, Vice President Mike Pence landed at the Greenbrier Valley Airport safely. But the President's next in command was not safe from the criticism of protesters.

Lining the airport entrance for Pence's arrival were locals waving signs, singing and chanting. The topics they voiced ranged from DACA and healthcare to women's rights and racial inequality. Each activist said they were conducting a peaceful, positive protest. They wanted to demonstrate not all West Virginians support the current administration or its policies. 

" Well, we have a lot of issues in West Virginia," said psychotherapist and protester Hanno Kirk. "As a healthcare provider, I am acutely aware how many of my patients are reliant on Medicaid and Medicare and CHIPS. And if those two are eliminated, as there is a threat to that, we would have a huge number of uninsured people."

"A lot of Pence's policies are anti-American," added protester Kim Krapf.. "West Virginians, we're all about love. And I don't believe that is what he stands for."

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