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Flu season turns deadly; tips on how to stay safe


The CDC reports this year's flu season has been more severe that years past as over 60,000 people have reported the virus since early October. 

So far, 30 children have died from the virus, 10 of which were reported within the second week of January.

Dr. Richard Shorter of Melrose Family Medicine in Princeton says even if you've been vaccinated, there's still a chance you can catch the flu.

"The prevalent strains vary from year to year and throughout the flu season, they change," Shorter said. "And that's part of why it's such a challenge for the people who are developing vaccines."

Dr. Shorter says people with asthma or heart disease, as well as elderly and young children are more likely to have complications from the flu. 

Shorter suggests that those groups avoid large crowds. 

"Staying out of large crowds, sporting events, even church, the grocery story...things like that," he said. "Any place you might encounter someone who's ill or someone who may have been exposed to the flu but doesn't know it yet."

Director of Kreative Kidz Child Care Center Alicia Linzy says her and her staff go the extra mile to fight off germs and keep the kids in her care healthy. 

"We teach them cough in your elbow, cough in your hand, then go wash their hands," Linzy said. "They'll sing like ABC's and wash their hands so they know about how long it takes. We make it fun."

Linzy says it's important to sanitize any object your child may come in contact with.

"Any toys go in their mouth, they go straight into a bucket and then they wash those during nap time. I have all of them pick a section of toys once a day to take them and wash them with warm soap and water and stick them in bleach water too," she said.

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