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Princeton Alleyway not on maps


One alleyway in Princeton doesn't appear on any maps despite being only a couple of blocks from City Hall. WVVA's James McDowell met with a resident who for now lives off the grid. 

 Since McDowell has never been to the home of Princeton resident Mark Thomas, he used an app on his phone to get directions to his house: Kephart Alley. 

Though Kephart Alley runs parallel to South Walker Street, it doesn't appear on any maps, some neighbors have been dealing with it for years.

 "In 2013, I had to call 911, and they couldn't find me. They called us back, and we had to give them directions (on) how to get here," said Thomas. 
 Thomas says it has a huge impact... including pizza delivery.

"I can look out my window from upstairs, and I can see Papa John's. And an hour later, they still can't find us," said Thomas. 

 At the last city council meeting, Thomas explained the dilemma. On Monday, City Manager Ken Clay told me Princeton is now taking action.

"And the police department is currently working, on getting that corrected," said Clay. 

 Kephart Alley should appear on emergency response grids in the near future. 

 Clay says the city is also surveying Kephart Alley for possible paving sometime this summer.

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