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Traffic stop becomes drug bust for Bluefield Police


Only a few weeks into the new year, the Bluefield Police Department say they've already made dozens of drug-related arrests throughout the city. And just last night, a routine traffic stop turned into something much more. Shortly after 6 pm on Saturday, Bluefield Police made a pretty big drug bust, thanks to some very alert officers, and a highly trained K-9.

Patrolman H.D. Browning explains what caught his attention. "When he turned off of Route 460, onto Cumberland Road, he actually fully entered into oncoming traffic, which is why I got behind him, to initiate the traffic stop with belief of a DUI."
Browning asked permission to search the vehicle for alcohol, but the driver declined. "At that time, I pulled him out of the vehicle, to do field sobriety. When I got him out of the vehicle, some actions he was making, led me to believe there was something else in the vehicle."
Though the suspect did pass the field sobriety test, Patrolman Browning knew something wasn't right. So that's when he called for assistance from K-9 Sergeant Joseph Danieley. Danieley says, "I go up, speak to the driver, kind of judge their reactions. How they're acting. If they're nervous, stuff like that. Based off of that, and the other officer's gatherings, we deploy Niko."
Niko is one of the department's drug sniffing K-9's. So just what all did Niko help find? Browning says, "We found, just shy, of 30 grams of crystal methamphetamine. We found scaled to go along with it. Baggies for distribution. Other means of paraphernalia."
Danieley explains how it feels to pull a possible drug dealer off the streets. "It's amazing. It makes it a safer, better place for our children to grow up in, live, and be safe. As far as the find... it's amazing knowing that these dogs can do what they do. And that the hundreds of hours we put into training is... it's showing!"

The driver, Stephen Young, is from Hillsville, Virginia. Besides the meth, officers also found marijuana and a bolt action rifle in Young's vehicle. Young is in custody at the city jail and is now waiting for arraignment. 

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