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Residents in Iaeger upset over loss of phone service


A viewer in Iaeger has contacted us...saying phone service has not been working in their neighborhood... since December 23rd. WVVA's James McDowell spoke with residents impacted by the lack of service, and with the phone company, to find out why restoration is taking so long.

Carl Shrader and his wife live on Coonbranch Mountain. Shrader says he and his neighbors haven't had home phone service for nearly two weeks! "We had a wind storm come through, and up here where the church is, at the top of my driveway, it blew the power line, and the telephone line, down."
Because cell phone service in McDowell County can be... spotty at best, landline phone service can play a crucial role, especially in emergency situations. As Shrader explains, "If you get a fire around your house, and the phone lines is down, how can you notify the fire department? If you have a burglar coming in on you, how can you phone and say, '9-1-1, I need help! There's a burglar here.' You can't!"
Tuesday night, I contacted Frontier Communications. After being on hold for 10-15 minutes, customer service told me they couldn't provide any updates on the outages in the area. 
When asked if the land line service been restored yet, Shrader replies, "Just this morning! The phone lines came in about an hour before you got here. (laughs) That's amazing, isn't it? (laughs)"

Several residents we spoke with say this isn't the first time they've gone without phone service. Shrader believes a lack of telephone poles in the area could be to blame.

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