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Tips to stay warm at New Year's events


With several communities holding New Year's Eve activities tonight, many are wondering how they can stay warm while having fun.

With frigid temperatures outside, fighting off Jack Frost can be a challenge. At Survival Supply, owner Chuck Honaker says not all coats are made equal. "Yes sir. The M-65 jackets that the military wears. They got the removable liners. So basically you're getting two jackets in one. That way, if it's not as cold, you can take the liner out. When it gets cold, you can put it back in, and stay warm."
Though many of us have heard of hand warmers, Honaker says that foot warmers can be just as important. "If you don't have the insulated boots, we have the foot warmers that you can put in your regular boots. They keep your feet toasty!"
And as any doctor will tell you, we often lose a lot of body heat from our heads. "We have the fleece beanie caps. We've got the scarfs. We do have the full... head... I think they're called balaclava's... with the open face. To where you're just showing your eyes."

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