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W.Va. Governor reacts to closure of Black Knight Country Club after 89 years


BECKLEY, W.Va. (WVVA) The Black Knight Country Club in Beckley has closed after 89 years in service. 

The country club located on South Kanawha Street featured a restaurant, pool, bar, tennis courts, and golf course. 

According to General Manager Byrd White, the club's last day was Wednesday. He pointed to a lack of members as the reason for the closure, declining from 440 members in 1997 to 48 members when it closed on Wednesday. 

"I think younger people don't join country clubs, and they tend to not be joiners.country clubs and civic clubs, they just don't seem to be interested in that sort of thing anymore," said White in an interview with WVVA News on Thursday. 

In a phone interview with Governor Jim Justice, he said "it saddens me beyond belief. We tried every way in the world. I bought it because it was a special place for my family. I have an incredible amount of memories with Kathy and my kids and my dad. My kids learned to swim there. It just lost a tremendous amount of money every year. But we tried every way possible to make it work. The people who worked there did a great job. The membership was just really really low."

"It's a beautiful place and a beautiful piece of property where I have a lot of dear memories, especially with my dad. But at some point you have to say you can't keep going on. I've probably poured 5 million dollars to try and make it go, but it just couldn't make it. We welcome any idea from a prospective buyer."

The Black Knight Country Club was owned by Governor Jim Justice's family. 

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