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Winter can cause more ailments than just a cold


Between the cold outside and the heat indoors, our bodies have to deal with a lot of dry air this time of year.

All of this drier air can lead to ailments such as nosebleeds. The dry air can also affect those with breathing conditions, like asthma... and skin conditions, such as eczema. Med Express says there are some things you can do to fight the affects of winter. Kristin Youther explains, "When they go out into the cold air, wear a scarf, so that they breath through that... to kind of warm the air some. Certainly people with eczema, which is a skin condition, that's worsened for the same reasons. That dry, cold air worsens that symptom. A lot of the treatments are the same. A humidifier in the home, using moisture on the skin."

And for those with arthritis... Kristin Youther says staying active can help keep the joints lubricated.

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