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Wyoming County works to keep land clean


Littering and several illegal dump sites can be found throughout Wyoming County. But is the issue any worse in Wyoming than in other places? And if so, can the County fix it?

Over the past year, Wyoming County has enlisted the help of the Department of Environmental Protection to clean up tons of garbage left along the roadways. Commissioner Silas Mullins believes the root cause of the problem... is attitude. "Their attitude is, 'Somebody else will pick it up for me.' And unfortunately, that's where our litter problem comes from."
Carpenters working on this residence off of Key Rock Road have noticed a growing amount of 20-ounce bottles at the end of the driveway. But empty pop bottles aren't the only issue... 
Old, abandoned tires seem to be a pretty big problem here in the county, which is why Mullins says they're starting up a new program next year. "The first Tuesday of every month, from ten to two, we will be accepting tires here at the box trailer, here at the Wyoming County Landfill. Free of charge to all citizens of Wyoming County."
Though there is weekly garbage collection, resident David Walker doesn't utilize the public service. He says... he doesn't need it! "It's just me and my wife. We have a couple of bags of trash a week. So why pay somebody $30 a month to haul it when I can haul it out for $4!"
So is littering and illegal dumping a problem in Wyoming County? Depends whom you ask... 
Walker says, "There's always some who throw the cans out, or something like that, but... it's not a big problem... that I can see." Mullins, however, feels differently. "It is an ongoing problem, and we urge the citizens of Wyoming County to band together with us, to help us. We all live in Wyoming County. We want to keep it clean and beautiful for the next generation that follows us."

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