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Walk the Walk provides food, toys to hundreds


A partnership between two churches helped provide Christmas for hundreds of families today. But one of the churches participating... is located hundreds of miles away!

The gymnasium at the Maple View Church of Christ became a distribution center of sorts, as families from around Mercer County came to receive Christmas gifts. Event organizer Evelyn Linkhous says the program began back when she used to work for the school system. "In 2003, we did 63 kids from my school. And then in 2005, my niece and her husband started Walk the Walk Foundation. And it has just gradually grown."
Linkhous explains how they choose which families receive their help. "We did some from CASE West Virginia, some from some of the public schools, some from the previous foundation we helped in Montcalm, and we did 44 families at The Wade Center."
Whether it be a shovel, food, or toys... almost everything on this table is from the state of Maryland. But how exactly did it get down here to West Virginia? David Mitchell is married to the niece of Linkhous, which is why members of his church also participate in Walk the Walk. "This year, our church, Bay Area Church in Annapolis, has decided to begin a relationship with some of the communities down here. So they provided all of the gifts this year." 
An hour after he left his home church, headed to Bluefield, Mitchell says the truck he was using to tow the trailer filled with toys... broke down! "After about a three hour delay, we got back on the road. Made down here without incident... until we got here. We we got here, we realized we had a flat tire. We're certainly not going to let the troubles of yesterday stop us from getting down here."

All total, 500 children were able to receive toys through the Walk the Walk program.

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