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Local manufacturer looks to employ vets with new highway safety product


Leaders of a local manufacturing business are looking to develop a product that can prevent serious car accidents on major highways while at the same time create job opportunities for veterans. 

CEO of MVM Green Technologies, Inc. Mike Moses and his business partner Keith Circle of the Princeton Chamber of Commerce are working to manufacture reflective guard rail bolts that can help guide drivers along the road at night or in inclement weather.

The bolts will be color coded; yellow for the left side of the road and white for the right, and red to indicate if a driver is on the wrong side of the road.

Moses says most reflectors being used now aren't very durable.

"Nothing bad about their system but ours are more protected and they give you more visual eye sight for them."

Both Moses and Circle say they are hoping to prevent accidents like the deadly crash on I-77 that happened back in September. Reports say the driver entered the interstate on the wrong ramp and ended up going in the wrong direction.

"If these reflective guard rail bolts had been all the way up through there he would have been seeing red dots, red dots, red dots," Circle said. "He would've realized 'Oh i'm going the wrong way."

As the two work to get a contract with the WV Department of Highways, they have plans to employ some of the over 200 homeless veterans in our area.

"Get the homeless veterans off the street, keep the jobless veterans from becoming homeless and give them the opportunity to work when they come back home," Moses said.

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