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Army forces training in Bluefield


Today the city of Bluefield invited local dignitaries and the media to the old freight depot on Bluefield Avenue. 

Special Operations Forces from the US Army are visiting the city for some special training this week. But if you haven't seen anything out of the ordinary this week... that's a good thing. One of the goals for the forces is to blend in to a community without being noticed. Bluefield was chosen as a training site at the suggestion of City Manager Dane Rideout. Lieutenant Colonel Kent Solheim explains, "So... Bluefield is unique in a few ways, and there are some things that would draw us to this place. First of all, the terrain that surrounds the geography. So being in a mountainous environment, with several different weather patterns. It would replicate some of the things you might see in other places in the world."

The special-ops teams are scheduled to be in Bluefield for two weeks, and Rideout is hoping to bring in more forces for training in the future.

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