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Tazewell supervisors hope to delay school closings

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For several years now, the population in Tazewell County has been declining, and the drop in residents is starting to take a toll on funding the school system.

The funding that Tazewell County Schools receives is appropriated by the county's Board of Supervisors. School Superintendent George Brown realizes that the Board only has so much money to work with. "They are struggling to finance all of the responsibilities that they have. But from the school system's perspective, that certainly does not diminish our needs."
Brown says consolidating schools next year is a last resort, but can't rule out the possibility. "Certainly you want to have schools in (lots of) communities, to impact the transportation as little as possible, and to have children in their own communities and towns."
With Dominion Energy and the Jonah Project surveying the area for possible projects, District Supervisor Charles Stacy says the county could be at a critical juncture. "When we're losing these schools, that's just one more factor that makes southwest Virginia, and more specifically Tazewell County, a less desirable place for industry to locate." 
Supervisor Stacy realizes the relations between the supervisors and the school system have been rocky in the past, which is why he plans to personally present the supervisor's resolution at the next school board meeting. "So I certainly want to make sure, that I go in-person to the school board, and make sure that they know, that this isn't any form of a power struggle." 

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