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Raleigh County school club shows kids 'chivalry isn't dead'


LESTER, W.Va. (WVVA)  Learning to read, write, add, and subtract are stables of any ordinary elementary education. But one local Raleigh County school is going above and beyond those subjects-- teaching lessons not always taught at home.

"The Young Gentlemen's Club of Lester Elementary is something I wanted to do to help better their lives, something to where when they sit down to apply for a job later on, they have these tools in their toolbox," explained the club's teacher Geoffrey Kincaid.

The club is completely voluntary and tackles tough subjects such as tying a tie, table manners, and the elements of a proper handshake. 

"The important thing about manner is it draws people to you, makes people like you and all sorts of stuff," said Logan Hartsog, a 5th grader in the club. 

Kincaid's group is made up of mostly 4th and 5th graders who are required to keep good behavior records to stay in the club. "The important thing is I want them to know how to be kind, be loving towards each other, and really focus on putting yourself in other people's shoes."

Next week, the students will take on table manners, but it is their life after school that is Mr. Kincaid's focus. "Someday when they're sitting back at their job, I hope they say Mr. Kincaid helped." 

They are lessons to last a lifetime at Lester Elementary, where Mr. Kincaid adds, "chivalry isn't dead." 

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