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Making sure your vehicle is winter-ready


Each season has its own individual threats. Freezing cold temperatures, snow and ice are the ones we face in winter. Our main source of transportation, driving becomes one of the most dangerous activities in the winter months and one thing almost everyone in our area has in common is a driving in the snow story.  

Whether it's spinning out, landing in a ditch, being stranded on the road or crashing your vehicle, no one knows what to expect when they hit the road in rough winter conditions.  That is why it's so important to prepare not only yourself, but your vehicle for the upcoming winter.

Because driving is one of the most difficult tasks, Triple A provided us with some tips to stay safe.

Triple A recommends checking your tires, and make sure you have all-season tires on your car, keep your gas tank half full, make sure your brakes are up to date, add antifreeze to your washer fluid and don't warm up your car in an enclosed area.

Triple A and other tow company's are there to help if you do crash your car or have any other vehicle issues. However they aren't the only ones looking out for our safety on the roads, the state does its part to take preventative measures.

The Division of Highways use salt and sometimes a mixture of salt and other materials to provide traction or to better melt the snow.  They also have cautious plow truck drivers that work long hours to keep the roads as safe as possible.

You might be surprised that it's not just rain or snow that can provide dangerous conditions, fog can even settle on the road ways and freeze, especially on bridges.

The most dangerous areas on the roads are bridges and shady areas because those are the areas that are first to freeze over.  Due to the hilly terrain in the area, you'll want to be safe around turns and going down hills as well and maintain a cautious and safe speed.

The best way to stay safe this winter is to stay alert and prepare yourself and car for this winter.

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