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Home heating do's and don'ts


With colder weather moving in, many residents are having to decide how to heat their home... and do it safely.

If you plan to heat your home without electricity, Bluefield Fire Chief Rick Cary says using a wood or coal stove can be a good option to heat your home, but says you should make sure their chimneys are clear of debris. There have been three fires in three days in the city of Bluefield. One was started by a space heater, and another by a heat lamp. Space heaters are fine for temporary heat, but Cary says they shouldn't be used as a primary source. As for using your oven or stove... Cary says that's one of the worst ways to heat your home. ""That's very unsafe. It's very dangerous for yourself, it's very dangerous for your kids. You could walk through the kitchen, trip and fall, reach down and touch your stove, you're going to get burned. If you drop something on it, it catches on fire, because you've got it hot enough to catch on fire."

Chief Cary stresses that smoke alarms should be checked at least twice a year to make sure they're working properly. He also says that if you are in need of a smoke alarm, you can swing by the Bluefield Fire Department and pick up a free one.

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