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Jim's Drive-In named to Best of West Virginia Burger list


 Burgers that will make your mouth water. Jim's Drive In in Lewisburg has made the top 10 for Best of West Virginia Burger once again.

"They listed 10 people, 10 restaurants, and we actually made that list, so it was a really cool thing," said Lynn Massie of Jim's Drive-In.

Another cool thing is that they come to your window to take your order. You don't even have to leave your car.

It seems year after year Jim's Drive-In is nominated for Best Burger and there's a reason for that. The customers say they just can't get enough.

"I love the food from Jim's Drive-In. I remember the first time my girl brought me here the first time and I saw a ham on my burger I was pretty surprised, but you don't see that often, but it's a hamburger and I love the way it tastes. It has really good flavor," said customer and fan of Jim's Drive-In, Eric Gonzalez. 

"It's a great place to eat. The burgers are good, the fries are good. It's the perfect menu and perfect place for a family to come," added Payton Robinson, another Jim's Drive-In customer.

"It's really humbling because our customers, our community, they support us and that's what makes our business the best is our customers. Without them we wouldn't be where we are today. 17 years," Massie said.

It becomes a family thing when eating at Jim's.

"It's just been like a tradition. It's somewhere we can spend time and have fun," said Robinson.

"I really believe that we've become that with us being on the Top 10 list and with us being on The Food Network and with us being on the different things, I think people come here," said Massie.

"We moved out west a year and a half ago and we're glad to be back and one of the first places we wanted to eat here was at Jim's Drive-In. Eat a local meal. A local burger," Gonzalez added.

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